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Out Bound

We must, We must keep in shape.

December 16th, 2007
Grand Odiseus - Fitness & SPA Nikko Hotel Jakarta
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Fun, Out of Town The Rovers and Nuansa Bali Anyer

Text & Design By Publisher Loreen Neville
Photography by Miroslav Dijakovic, Joe Tan, Matthias Frenzel, Omar & Alex Alkubaysi & Nuansa Bali Hotel Anyer
Event Assited by the Executive Committee
July 22nd – 24th, 2005

Renown for promoting & patronizing gastronomic entertainment spots in Jakarta and Bali, inspired to further advocate tourism, the Roving Insight Executive & Diplomatic Club and Friends, in a convoy of cars headed by His Excellency Major General Syed Mustafa Hussain of Pakistan, set foot on Nuansa Bali hotel located in Anyer, Jln. Raya Karang Bolong KM 133.5, West Java, for an Exclusive Private Beach party. Deriving from a mixture of cultures from 18 countries including Indonesians, totaling more or less 160 people, fun in the sun was the tall order of this magnificent notable weekend.

Nuansa Bali Hotel established in 1997, under the wings of its parent company PT. Karya Titan, was founded in 1976 by Dr. H. Rachmantio. The latter, who graduated from a Technical University in West Germany, was one of the sponsors for the Rovers private beach party. The basic concept of this fantastic manicured resort is a combination of cottages and bungalows, designed to resemble the architectural structure of Balinese traditional trace and its modern contraption, a fitting get away, only a two hour drive from the hectic schedules of today’s diplomats and executives. Each bungalow and Cottage is equipped with a refrigerator, telephone, TV, Air Conditioner, Hot Water, side kitchen and utensils. Apart from these modern day requirements of Jakarta’s Capital residences, Nuansa Bali Hotel offers its clientele with facilities such as a Meeting Room, a clandestine Discotheque, Restaurant and a private Jetty apart from its blue- water swimming pool.


"RACE AGAINST DRUGS" Ambassador's Cup 2001

21st October 2001
Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta
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