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About Us


The concept behind the name

When a foreigner comes to live in another country they often feel a little stranger and possibly isolated first. There are so many differences from their own native land, sometimes not only a new language but a whole realm of social and cultural niceties must be observed and learned. Not unnaturally,they tend to gravitate to a social life where they are most comfortable and, in Jakarta for instance, such national groupings as the American Club, Japanese Club or the Singapore Association help the newcomer feel more at home in their new surroundings.

Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club, aim to take this step further. We intend to develop close relationships between Indonesian executives and those of other nationalities working here, while at the same time working with similar professional throughout the whole region. By its very name, PT Sarindo Duta International hopes to eventually succeed in bringing the various nationalities close together.

To accomplish this, Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club, aim to make available to its members and their guests, top class, international quality recreational facilities throughout Indonesia and eventually the whole region. This will enable people of all nationalities to not just mingle at social function but form closer relationships and intern-cultural friendships.

Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club secure its members grouping from a wide range of people who have learned that there is more to life than work, work, work. Event for the busiest of executives; Diplomats, Professionals, Media Officials, Indonesians or expatriates, male or female, there are times to relax and enjoy a wider cultural environment than that of the office. Add to these wives, girlfriends and our network of overseas travelers, and the membership is a real potpourri of people who know how to have fun at the same time networking for business & social contacts.

High sounding sentiments are fine, but what do members actually get out of it you may ask. Well, for a start, the administration of Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club has undergo the tedious task of lining up discount privileges for its member ready, a number of hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and other service and sporting centers are happy to welcome card carrying members-Roving Insight and Diplomatic Club has already saved you the time and hassle of haggling for the best bargains.

Life is two-way street however, and these businesses have been quick to realize the advantages they will receive from forming cooperative relation with Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club, especially in the present economic climate, where promotions are keys to just maintaining, let alone adding the patronage. Through Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club, not only the club-organized functions and exposure through our monthly gathering at a sponsored restaurant or entertainments which includes lucky draws from sponsored products, but also often invited to various functions/seminars co-organized by the administrator.

We believe that Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club offer the win-win opportunity for both members and our valued commercial partners. Committed to providing the best for our members, while at the same time promoting local communities, the administration of Roving Insight Executive and Diplomatic Club promises they will not in striving to bring the best of all worlds together.


Mdm. Loreen Neville
Founding Chairperson since 1996

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