01 Indodefence 2008
02 Christian Daupras- Renault Trucks-France, Nexter Systems Alain Marchand and Nexter Systems-Jean-Michael Domitrovic
03 DR. Chris Rizal, Linda Vicentia, CRS Security officer Syahroni
04 Prithvi Vaswani-PT. WahgoInternational
05 Ajit Vaswani
06 Prithvi Vaswani & Naval Officer
07 PAG-Tilo Kahl, Elsa, Prof. M. Silnikov-Russia, Leslie Huang, Amel, Andrei Diatlov-Australia, Rere
08 PT. Wahgo International stand
09 Andrei Diatlov from  VELES Enterprises from Australia and visitor
10 Christian Daupras- Renault Trucks-France, Nexter Systems Alain Marchand, Guest & Phillip
11 General Agustadi SP
12 Indonesian Generals viewing the exhibits
13 General Ismail & visitors
14  Malaysian Arm Forces
15 Naval Force
16  Exhibit from Italy's Tangfoglio
17  Piotr Dorywalski-Poland RADWARScientific Industrial Center
18  Gulshan Manchanda-M.C.L.P. Co Thailand
19 Kazan Helicopters-Russia, Marat Kiyamov, Rustem Gazizov, Valery Solomakhin
20  DSI Laser Indonesia
21 Yos Rizaldy SIOEN Indonesia
22 Russian Technologies for Defence
23  Russian Technologies for Defence
24 Russian Technologies
25 Russian Technologies for Defence-Non Nuclear Submarine
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